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Schedule for Stillpoint Moon Gatherings in 2018

Theme for 2018 

A theme pops into my awareness toward the end of each year– a predictor of things to come.
2015 was “You Are Not Alone”, 2016 was “Clarity Amidst Chaos”, and 2017 was “Love In Action”.
For 2018, the theme which will carry us through the year is, “Stepping Through the Gateway.”
We’re being stripped of our attachments– freeing us of our burdens and what we “think” we need. It’s all part of our preparations to shift into a LIGHTer version of ourselves. And when that happens, we will be able to step through the gateway. Sending Love and Light, Gi and Katrina


New Moons:

Capricorn: Tuesday, Jan. 16th at 6pm

Aquarius: Thursday, Feb. 15th NOON with a PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE at 12:53pm PST

Pisces: Saturday, March 17th at Noon


Spiritual Self-Mastery (roughly around the Full Moon) possible dates and times:

Cancer: Moonday the January 1st at noon FOR SURE!!

Leo: Wednesday, Jan. 31 at 6pm also a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE at 5:31am PST

Virgo: Thursday, March 1st at 6pm







Schedule for the New Moons in 2017


Mercury retrograde begins the year: Dig deep, do your inner work.
New Year’s Day
Mars conjunct Pisces: our fragile Hearts can bear everything
Venus transits throughout the year, starting off with a BANG!
Million Woman March Sat. Jan. 21st How perfect!!!
New Moon in Capricorn, Wed. Dec. 28th 6-8pm (a week after the Winter Solstice)
Practical miracles rule the day!
New Moon in Aquarius Friday, Jan. 27 6-8pm
Is it drama or inspiration?
Lunar Eclipse in Leo Feb. 10th
Solar Eclipse in Pisces Feb. 26th: New Year’s Day redux
New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces Sunday, Feb 26 noon-2pm
Security comes from within ourselves

Dear Friend,
We come together in circle.
Remembering our connection to each other, and to our self.
We open our Hearts, willingly allowing All That Is to embrace us.
We offer perspective from our uniqueness.
It is the old Way; the Way of Balance and Harmony; the Way our Ancestors followed.
And it is the new Way; the Way we are being asked to follow.
Come join us…

Time and Space are irrelevant, so it’s possible for you to join us at any time and any place.

The door is always open to Love and Light.

New Moon in Aries, Mon. March 27th, 6-8pm

Fight the good fight, not each other
New Moon in Taurus, Wed. April 26th, 6-8pm
Stick to your principles
New Moon in Gemini, Thurs. May 25th 6-8pm
Communicate from Love
Special New Moon AND Total Solar Eclipse, August 21st— put it on your calendar!


Past New Moon Schedule 


Overall Theme for 2016: Clarity Amidst Chaos

Capricorn: What is your Purpose?  (OOoooh, that was awesome!)  Saturday, Jan. 9th at NOON

Aquarius: You can run, but you can’t hide Sunday, Feb 7th at NOON Special astrological gift for the Aquarius New Moon!  Bring a potluck, drinks, your dance cloths etc.. we are having a party!

Pisces: Plumb the depths of your Heart, then speak your Truth Tuesday, March 8th at 6pm

Aries: Pinball or wrecking ball? Thursday, April 7th at 6pm

Taurus: Peace is right where you stand Friday, May 6th at 6pm

Gemini: 2016, the year of the Monkey Mind Saturday, June 4th at NOON

Cancer  officially 4am on July 4th, but we’ll meet on Sunday July 3rd at NOON
Nurture Yourself = Nurture the Earth

Leo  Tuesday August 2nd at 6pm
Find your Bliss with a capital B

Virgo  Thursday September 1st at 6pm
What’s more important: being right or being happy?

Libra  Friday September 30th at 6pm
Discover your Center

Scorpio  Sunday October 30th at NOON
The Highest Vibration of Power

Sagittarius  Tuesday November 29th at 6pm
Act on your Inspiration!

Capricorn  Wednesday December 28th at 6pm
Pessimism and Cynicism, or just good old-fashioned Planning?

Please be on time, and you are welcome to come early and begin in Silence at the yurt, or walk the Spiral….

Blessings, Gi and Kathy

January 20th, 6pm to 8pm PST  New Moon in Aquarius IMG_8583
Brilliant flashes of insight bring amazing gifts!

February 18th, 6pm to 8pm PST  New Moon in Aquarius (again)  
Can we be detached AND engaged?

March 16th,   “7th of 7” Uranus Square Pluto Gathering, Special Event!  
Are you ready to jump into Freedom? 6pm to 8pm.

March 20th, 6pm to 8pm PST  New Moon in Pisces (and TOTAL Solar Eclipse, and it’s the Vernal Equinox!)   Our deepest dreams, our deepest fears are revealed.  


 April 18th, NOON to 2pm PST  New Moon in Aries  
Big, beautiful and brash.

May 17th, NOON to 2pm PST  New Moon in Taurus  
The challenge of standing strong during an earthquake.

June 16th, 6pm to 8pm PST  New Moon in Gemini  
Time to think, do and BE simultaneously!

July 15th, 6pm to 8pm  New Moon in Cancer
Taking charge of your care-giving

August 14th, 6pm to 8pm  New Moon in Leo
Meet your optimism/pessimism head on!

September 12th, 6pm to 8pm  New Moon in Virgo   
Practical ways to manifest your dreams

October 12th, 6pm to 8pm  New Moon in Libra
Life is a balancing act

November 11th, 6pm to 8pm  New Moon in Scorpio
Where does the poison go?

December 11th, 6pm to 8pm  New Moon in Sagittarius 
Break free. For what?

January 9th, 6pm to 8pm  New Moon in Capricorn 
Create a structure for bravery



2014 New Moons
Capricorn New Moon, December 21st, noon (Winter Solstice) 

Sagittarius New Moon, November 22nd, noon

Scorpio New Moon, October 23rd, 6pm

Libra New Moon, September 23rd, 6pm


Leo New Moon July 25th at noon

Cancer New Moon June 27th at 6pm 

The sign of Cancer is about nurturing and nourishing. It’s the sign of the caregiver. All too often, though, the care “giver”, because they are so busy “giving”, gets the short end of the care stick. So, here’s the challenge…

For the entire day of the New Moon, Friday June 27th, are you willing to make the choice to consciously nurture and surround yourself with positivity–set aside the time to BE. Here are a few suggestions that may be a challenge. Or they may be part of your daily routine:  — no emails (that means no texting,– no signing petitions, or other high tech behaviors)– no television, newspapers or other media that focus on what’s “wrong” in the world  — accept compliments and gifts graciously — politely decline when a friend asks you to help them with a last minute project or problem — set aside some quiet time, just for you.

Can you do that for one day? Could you do it for two days?  If it feels good to “escape” and hold up in your house, do it! Cancer (the Crab) likes to tuck itself in a crevice and wait for a tasty morsel of it’s choosing to float by. Find Peace and Comfort in your home.


Gemini New Moon on May 28th at 6pm

Our next New Moon Gathering is Wednesday May 28th, and Mars will be direct (moving forward) by then. The New Moon will be in Gemini, “mutable” Air. More to come on what that means, but here’s a hint… Playful, versatile, easily distracted. It’s all good!   :> )

And the Cancer New Moon is on Friday, June 27th. Both gatherings will begin at 6pm.


Pisces  New Moon on March 1st noon to 2pm

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. It is the culmination of all the signs.
New Moon Gatherings at Stillpoint Yurt began in the Aries New Moon — the first sign.
We have literally come full circle and wish to thank each and every one of you for joining us when you could. It was always a beautiful and amazingly powerful time together!

With the Pisces New Moon, we will join together to share our stories, our insights, and how our prayers of Intention have manifested. So, whether you have attended many New Moons, or just one, or would like to start now, Kathy and I would love for you to join us!
Aquarius New Moon January 30th 6pm 

Aquarius: Letting go of old ideas and habits to make space for the revolutionary and creative new ideas that will transform our future. This new moon supports our creative sharing, so please bring a poem, song, art or something to share with the group. Aquarius is about community and honoring each other.


Capricorn New Moon is Wednesday January 1st, Happy New Year!

***Since it’s a holiday, and to do something different, we will be gathering from 2-4pm instead of in the evening.***

We kick off 2014 with an ultra potent New Moon on New Years Day! The Sun and Moon will be less than half a degree away from Pluto – the planet of passion, power, and transformation. This New Year’s Day Capricorn New Moon is an incredibly important seed time amidst challenge and transformation.

The energy of Pluto brings up themes related to nuclear power, depth psychology, sexuality, victimization and empowerment, and death and rebirth – who must we become in order to expand beyond the limitations of what we currently know?

New Year’s Day, the Capricorn New Moon is an invitation to get brutally honest with ourselves and about where we are, where we want to be, and what needs to change in order to become who we are meant to be. If you don’t claim what you want, you may become a victim of what you don’t want. When you choose on purpose, it helps soften some of those lessons that otherwise need to be learned the hard way.

Mercury the Messenger is also conjunct Pluto, Sun, and Moon during the Capricorn New Moon which means it’s time to send your message out to the universe!

These words of wisdom courtesy of Marina Ormes, Evolutionary Astrologer  www.astrologyheals.com

Join Marina ONLINE from 11am-12:30pm New Year’s Day for a live Personal and Planetary Intention-Setting call, and help us create a group container to send our individual and collective messages out to the universe. Then join us at Stillpoint Yurt from 2-4pm

With Gratitude,  Gi and Kathy


PS. And stay tuned for some announcements about upcoming events in 2014! The calendar is already filling up with amazing gatherings!


New Moon  December 2, 2013 Monday  at 6 pm in the Yurt. 

The New Moon in Sagittarius

During the Sagittarius New Moon, the Sun and Moon are trine Uranus – the planet of rebellion and revolution. Sagittarius awakens the gypsy within us – the explorer willing to go beyond the frontier or the known to see the bigger picture.

Following the deep, emotional experience of Scorpio, the world needs you to come out of the cocoon and try your wings. Discover yourself with new eyes, but also with a new wisdom.

Replace your old, limiting beliefs with more expansive ones. For example, instead of waiting for someone else to give you permission, give yourself permission. Instead of being in control, be in gratitude. Instead of looking for external validation, trust your inner knowing.

This Sagittarius New Moon is an opportunity to open to the bigger picture, to explore the meaning of recent events, and create new stories for ourselves.

Tell the world who you are now.

Our next New Moon will be November 3, 2013 at noon in the Yurt. 

The New Moon in Scorpio takes us deep into the realm of mystery and creativity. With strong Scorpio energy, feelings are heightened, and deep trust is needed to be able to share and express what we are going through.

What mysterious energies are moving within which need to be honored and surrendered to?

Special serpent energy dancing and drumming will find its way into this beautiful gathering.

With thanks to Marina Ormes of Astrology Heals   http://astrologyheals.com.

Past New Moons:

October 4th, Friday at 6pm to 8pm, New Moon is in Libra

This New Moon in  Libra:  Come back to center, and let your heart and mind have a good Libran dialogue – coming together to listen to one another. Find your own inner equilibrium and place of balance, peace, and harmony. Then make yourself available to create healthy balance in relationship. Asking freely and receiving freely.

September 5th Thursday at 6pm to 8pm, New Moon is in Virgo

If you joined us last month for the New Moon in Leo, you know what a powerful gathering we had — setting BIG Intentions and making BOLD statements!

New Moon in Virgo will be a perfect follow up! And, if you didn’t join us for Leo, that’s OK, we’ll get “up to speed” and then move into what is available at this time. Please read Marina’s Virgo New Moon post below to see how all of this fits together so beautifully…

What do your daily routines look like in a new reality? This is not a glamorous question, but it is a powerful one. The Virgo New Moon helps you bring it down to Earth and more clearly see and walk your path of service. Where can you get more organized, clear clutter, and focus on the details of bringing your gifts onto the Earth plane? Imagine that the changes you hope to see in your lifetime fully expressed on the planet. Then ask, what would my routines look like in this reality. For example, maybe you could implement a daily practice of giving thanks for the way the Earth is healing and returning to balance. Then change your systems and routines to match the vibration of the new reality you want and are creating.

August 6 Tuesday 6pm to 8pm  New Moon is in Leo

How can we use our egos on purpose as a vehicle for self-expression and step out boldly as who we are, to make a positive difference in the world around us? This New Moon brings both pressure and opportunity to get more clear about how we shine and express ourselves to the various audiences we may encounter.

July 8th, Monday at 6pm to 8pm. New Moon in Cancer

The July 8 New Moon in Cancer is a continuation of the theme of self-care, and also compassion and empathy in the awareness of how we care for one another and the Earth. We must connect with a place of resonance from deep within, accessing that which is truly important in all of our decision-making processes. In addition to the brilliant astrological and cosmic insights Marina and Gi will share, we are thrilled to announce that Karuna will offer a beautiful and powerful Shamanic Drumming. Please be sure to bring your drum, rattle, or other sounding object! We’ll have extras.

And, if our cup wasn’t already over flowing, Haffiz would like to lead a Water Ceremony, blessing and spreading Love and Light to all the waters of Mother Earth. Feel free to bring a sample of water you would like included in the blessing. WOW!!

June 8th, Saturday at noon to 2pm. New Moon in Gemini

For this New Moon, we will circle up and weave our Intentions together, raising their collective Vibration of Manifestation. For this gathering, please bring a teaching, affirmation or parable to share. One of Oprah Winfrey’s favorites is from Maya Angelou: “When you know better, you do better.”