What a beautiful gift we have received from this powerful Land, Stillpoint.

gina and kathy in front of tipi big

Gina and Kathy with their Heart Dogs

In 2002 Gina Thomas and Kathy Marshall began farming organically and opened up the farm to visitors to come  and u-pick. There’s something really special about the food that is birthed here. People tell us all the time that Stillpoint Farm has the sweetest strawberries and wonder what we do. “It’s the Love,” is our reply. The Vibration of Love is so strong here.

Over the years, we’ve developed so many wonderful friendships with kindred Spirits. And we continue to expand how the Love present here, gets shared. In 2010, we hosted the Stillpoint Farm Women’s Festival. How amazing (and humbling) when 500 people felt called to join us! 2011 and 2012, we hosted the Stillpoint Farm’s Mother Earth Festival– slightly different, but similar. Our focus has been, and always will be, on how we can deepen our connection to the Divine and Mother Earth.


Women in a Sacred Circle

In 2013 we moved in a new direction with a theme of connection with Sacred Days at Stillpoint. We are opening to a more retreat-like setting, focused around the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and other Wisdom Keepers.

In addition to Sacred Days at Stillpoint,  we also offer the opportunity to come together once/month to set our Intentions for our Highest Good during the New Moon. In the beautiful Stillpoint Yurt, amidst the trees, we hold space for each other to find clarity and balance in our lives. Gi (Gina) Thomas and Kathy Marshall share their insights through Astrology, Cosmology, music and other esoteric avenues to offer perspectives of how we, as evolving individuals fit into the bigger patterns of the Universe. Practical and yet expansive. Check here for dates and more details.

In addition to the New Moon Gatherings, Gi is following her passion and expanding further. Paradigm Shifting is a new business venture that will provide the structure for diving more deeply into the mystical aspects of our existence. Gi has received and continues to receive information, messages and insights from “non normal” states of reality. She has been told she is a “messenger” and feels compelled to share this information with others, for the Best and Highest Good of All. Retreats (Mt. Shasta last Spring), workshops at Stillpoint Yurt, and extended excursions to power spots around the world (Peru, Mongolia, Nepal) will take us for an adventure on all levels!

Kathy Marshall is also following her passion as a singer/songwriter musician. She completed recording her 2nd CD, Standing on Sacred Ground. Stillpoint has been responsible for the birthing of many songs; this sacred land and all the beings in it are inspiring to her. She will host various music events too and has a special new format that we think you will enjoy, so stay tuned for that!